House of web3 tools for events
Can you imagine an event owned and governed by the community, where attendees are the  ones receiving the profits and the organizers are happy with that?

Now imagine thousands of community events — conferences, festivals, shows, meet ups etc. Just like that. And this is only a small part of the ecosystem we are building.

Oaziz is a no-code Web3 app designed for people to organize events, do sales and engage event communities on a new level.

Increase revenue and profits

Attract new attendees and community members

Engage existing community

Find most active members and make them more loyal

Scale your events and communities

Capitalize your events and communities
What can you do with Oaziz and why do you need it?
Let's imagine that an event is a country
See the difference
a country with few citizens which has to attract tourists all the time to survive
Communication and rewards are not transparent between all parties
Low community engagement
Attendees are not motivated to increase revenue, invite more people, take part in organization
Attract attendees-tourists from scratch when the event is over
a country with a lot of citizens, that attracts tourists organically
Fair communications and deals between all the parties involved
High community engagement with event DAO mechanics
Attendees are interested in their continued success
Build an engaged long lasting community of citizens-attendees
Increase revenue with event DAO memberships and NFT: ticketing, affiliate, sponsor slot auctions and more.
Web3 events
Web2 events
Web3 contributors
Influence and contribute to event DAOs and communities you like and make money
Web3 investors
Invest in event DAOs and communities you are interested in
Attend-to-Earn, govern the event, propose and vote.
Event Organizers, Creators, Guilds
Create event DAOs, engage and incentivize communities like never before, maximize profit.
For Whom?
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Issue your own tokens, sell tickets in the form of non-fungible tokens minted on the blockchain, hold NFT sponsorship auctions and more.
Engage communities
NFT Memories
At Oaziz, NFT Memory is not just a proof of attendance, it is also a remarkable moment people receive and own after events end.

For example, you can receive an NFT memory from an organizer as a 10 second video of your favorite singer performing your favorite song at the concert you just attended.
Or a photo of your favorite football player holding a Cup in his hands after winning in a finale event you just visited.

It's smooth and easy to use tool to create and distribute NFT memories without knowing what blockchain is and how to use it.
Create event DAOs
Grant voting rights to your DAO members and make them decide who will be speaking and performing, or where the revenue will go.
Event DAO membership levels.
Create various membership levels, and offer exclusive perks for your most loyal fans, contributors or attendees.
Custom privileges.
Grant your DAO members any customized privileges-imagination is the only limit here.
Revenue share.
Share the revenue with your DAO members, so they have skin in the game.
Minting rights.
Grant minting rights to your DAO members, so they can create NFT tickets and make additional revenue for your event and themselves.
Priority purchase.
Your DAO members will be privileged to be the first to purchase your NFT Drops, NFT tickets, sponsorship slots or any other services and products.

NFT Memories

Issue Digital Memory NFTs to reward your attendees of any event: online or offline, twitter space, youtube video or a stream, etc.
NFT Drop
In progress
Create NFTs in a few clicks for certain actions and contributions of your community members, hold raffles and auctions or hold Airdrops to attract attention
Reward your attendees with tokens for certain actions and create longest lasting events ever
In progress
Create event DAO
Event DAOs help to engage and motivate your community by providing it with a set of privileges and opportunities in exchange for their activities, contribution and investments

Increase your revenue and profit


Sell event DAO

In progress

to your most loyal and/or valuable community members.

Launch your events to the public

In progress
Use our tools to create buzz around your upcoming events and give an opportunity to the public to be early birds.
Hold sponsor slot auctions and sell sponsor slots as NFTs
In progress
NFT Sponsorship
Increase the value of your tickets by turning them into limited collections with perks and great visuals

NFT Ticketing

In progress
Royalties. Set royalties and increase your earnings dramatically getting a share from every NFT ticket resale.
Resale. Give your DAO members an opportunity to be the first to buy NFT tickets and share the profit when reselling them (as an addition to the paid royalties).
Minting. Set minting rights to certain member levels and create a super — scalable promo channel
Our core values
The DAO structure of Oaziz is the foundation behind the whole ecosystem, which is why we believe events should be organized as DAOs; so-called “event DAOs”. This way we can make the entire ecosystem highly scalable, sustainable and profitable.
Build “fertile” Web 3 products in the desert of Web 2.0, providing a new habitat for all users — decentralized, instead of centralized corporations.
Co-ownership and co-governance of products by users.
Please visit our Dashboard for One Pager, Pitch Deck, Goals, and other important information
Oaziz is a place built by little centipede Otto and his friends.

They found themselves in the middle of the desert, thrown away from their hometown and chased by its greedy dictator – Webtoo.

They came up with the idea of building a new home without those in power, where everyone would be happy and comfortable. Now they had a dream of Oaziz – a common home and blooming oasis amid endless sands full of fun, joy, and friendly smiles, where everyone would be welcomed and desired.

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Core contributor

Meet Ottomakan

Oaziz obviously comes from the word “oasis”, which means a fertile land in a desert, providing a habitat for animals and plants.
Historically, oases have been of critical importance for trade and transportation in desert areas. By managing oases’ land and water constantly and carefully, people grew plants and achieved a so-called “oasis effect” in the desert, with huge date palms, fruit trees (banana, orange etc.) and other plants growing.
In short, people used what nature gave them, upgraded and used it for the collective benefit of everyone traveling through the desert.

We believe that oases and their effect on the desert is very close to the core values of Web 3.0 as well as our own. We want to build products that bring value and profit to everybody who’s using and contributing to them. Co-ownership and co-governance of products by users is a priority standpoint for the products we are building at Oaziz DAO.
What's a DAO? How does it work?
A DAO is a Decentralized Autonomous Organization managed by its members in a democratic way, on the blockchain. DAOs are controlled by members through voting instead of centralized authorities. Voting rights are distributed among all members with tokens or NFTs.

DAOs are gaining momentum and we will see more and more of them appearing, because they are indifferent to outside manipulation (eg. official countries’ legal frameworks). Their governance rules are guaranteed by code instead of people, which is far more trustworthy because the latter involves human factors such as corruption.

The same is applicable to ownership rights in the DAO, where they are guaranteed by code and can be influenced through community voting only, making an “Eduardo Saverin vs. Mark Zuckerberg” situation (Zuckerberg diluted Saverin’s shares and kicked his partner out of the company) almost impossible.
Why do we choose to be a DAO?
The answer is simple: because DAOs are Scalable, Sustainable, Profitable. The DAO structure of Oaziz is the foundation behind the whole ecosystem, which is why we believe events should be organized as DAOs; so-called “event DAOs”. This way we can make the entire ecosystem highly scalable, sustainable and profitable.
Where we are right now?
You can check goals and current status here.