Let’s bring the co-ownership economy to the events space together
Oaziz DAO — Web 3 tools making community-owned events a reality
Now imagine thousands of community events — conferences, festivals, shows, meet-ups etc. Just like that. And this is only a small part of the ecosystem we are building.

Can you imagine an event owned and governed by the community, where attendees are the ones receiving the profits and the organizers are happy with that?
Oaziz DAO —
Web 3 tools making community-owned events a reality
Oaziz obviously comes from the word “oasis”, which means a fertile land in a desert, providing a habitat for animals and plants.
Historically, oases have been of critical importance for trade and transportation in desert areas. By managing oases’ land and water constantly and carefully, people grew plants and achieved a so-called “oasis effect” in the desert, with huge date palms, fruit trees (banana, orange etc.) and other plants growing.
In short, people used what nature gave them, upgraded and used it for the collective benefit of everyone traveling through the desert.

We believe that oases and their effect on the desert is very close to the core values of Web 3.0 as well as our own. We want to build products that bring value and profit to everybody who’s using and contributing to them. Co-ownership and co-governance of products by users is a priority standpoint for the products we are building at Oaziz DAO.
What's our mission?
To build “fertile” Web 3 products in the desert of Web 2.0, providing a new habitat for all users  —  decentralized, co-owned and co-governed by them, instead of centralized corporations.
What's a DAO? How does it work?
A DAO is a Decentralized Autonomous Organization managed by its members in a democratic way, on the blockchain. DAOs are controlled by members through voting instead of centralized authorities. Voting rights are distributed among all members with tokens or NFTs.

DAOs are gaining momentum and we will see more and more of them appearing, because they are indifferent to outside manipulation (eg. official countries’ legal frameworks). Their governance rules are guaranteed by code instead of people, which is far more trustworthy because the latter involves human factors such as corruption.

The same is applicable to ownership rights in the DAO, where they are guaranteed by code and can be influenced through community voting only, making an “Eduardo Saverin vs. Mark Zuckerberg” situation (Zuckerberg diluted Saverin’s shares and kicked his partner out of the company) almost impossible.
Why do we choose to be a DAO?
The answer is simple: because DAOs are Scalable, Sustainable, Profitable. The DAO structure of Oaziz is the foundation behind the whole ecosystem, which is why we believe events should be organized as DAOs; so-called “event DAOs”. This way we can make the entire ecosystem highly scalable, sustainable and profitable.
Where we are right now?
You can check goals and current status here.